How Diners Are Benefitted?

Diners are key drivers of a profitable restaurant. Improving the diner's experience is our priority.

Digital Phone-Menu

Diners can access your menu on their phone. This would help diners spend more time on the menu and order more. Also, diners can access your menu anytime without waiting for the waiters to provide a physical menu card. Diners are getting digital, restaurants should too!

Real-Time & Contactless

Diners love special menus provided by restaurants. Diners can explore the menu in real-time when new specials are added or a menu item is removed. Physical menus are used by many people and are full of germs. Let diners get along with germ-free contactless menus!

Phone-ordering & Payment

Diners can have flexibility to pay for the order using their phone. Moreover, diners do not have to wait anymore for the waiters to complete payments after dining. Quick, easy and seamless online ordering and payment on phone could improve the dining experience.