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Hello Restaurants, Bars & Cafes,

The Restaurant industry is going through a lot of change and facing new challenges every day to survive in the ever changing world. Restaurants, bars and cafes are pushing their limit to help establish a safe, contactless, dining experience for their diners.

Technology has brought drastic changes in various industries like healthcare, medical, retail, automotive, and many others. However, the restaurant industry - especially the in-house dining space - has not leveraged technology with the potential of enhancing the dining experience for diners and their customers. Considering the present state of the world, in-house dining is the most impacted part of a restaurant. And technology would be a strong enabler to in-house future dining!

We are helping restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin & Chicago, Illinois to help their in-house dining to transition to a tech-enabled, contactless dining experience. We look forward to partnering with more restaurants in Wisconsin and Illinois and helping them get ready for the future.

- Team Dine In

“Contactless, technology-enabled dining is the future and we want to build that with you.”

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