What We Provide?

Learn how we help dining providers like restaurants, bars and food cafes achieve their goals.

Digital Window-Menu

Don’t tell me you didn’t see a potential diner checking out your restaurant from the outside to check what you serve! And there, you may lose that potential diner. Show off your whole menu at the storefront using a digital menu. Attract potential diners easily!

Real-Time Table-Menu

You must have seen your diners frequently staring at their phone while dining. Why not take that advantage to show your real-time menu on their phone anytime? Diners can access your menu anytime they are on the table, without waiting/troubling your waiters.

Phone-ordering & Payment

Your waiters must be overworked or you may be understaffed. And, obviously you want diners to get best service from your overworked waiters. Help out waiters and your hungry diners not to wait for waiters and order from their phone while seated. Increase your table turnover!